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Inspirational storytelling about historical figures for tours and events

Women’s History

From medieval feminists to Resistance heroines, meet the women who shaped Amsterdam.

LGBTQ+ History

Explore Amsterdam’s centuries-long LGBTQIA+ history and how it led to the world’s first legal gay marriage.

Black History

From Rembrandt’s neighbors to today’s icons, meet the Black Amsterdammers from across history.

Asian History

From 17th-century Indonesian Amsterdammers to 21st-century Chinese nuns, meet the people from across Asia who helped make this city.

Caribbean History

See how Amsterdam benefits from the dynamic cultures created in the former Dutch colonies by people from around the world.

Jewish History

Explore Amsterdam’s Jewish neighborhood and how its residents helped build Amsterdam’s vibrant culture and economy.

If there is one single thing you must do in Amsterdam, this is it.

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