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History is full of hidden badasses.
Our tours in Amsterdam focus on those that helped make this city.
Our online stories explore those who helped make this world.

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Public Group Walking Tour

Forget canals and piles – Amsterdam is a city built on stories. Some of its most interesting, though, have been overlooked by history. On this socially distanced tour, we stroll through the spacious Plantage neighborhood and stop to hear the untold stories of Amsterdam’s layered history.

DURATION: 2 hours

COST: 25 euros/person

Private Group Walking Tour

See Amsterdam through the stories of the hidden badasses who helped create it. Choose one or several of the themes: women, Jewish people, LGBT+ people or BIPOC. You can also ask for an interest area, such as artistic, academic, leaders or warriors. It can be up to three hours and customized by pick-up/drop-off location.

DURATION: 3 hours

COST: 225 euros/group

Public Group Walking Tour

When the Netherlands became the first country in the world to legalize gay marriage, four couples were married by the Mayor of Amsterdam. But did you know that the city’s LGBT+ history stretches back to the medieval ages?

DURATION: 2 hours

COST: 25 euros/person

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