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Experience the history of Amsterdam through the stories of the hidden badasses who lived it.

Due to current COVID measures, BADASS TOURS will be closed through at least January 14. We will update this site as we have more information.

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"If there is one single thing you must do in Amsterdam, this is it."
"Elyzabeth had so much interesting information and incredible stories to tell. The best tour guide we have ever had! *****"
"Elyzabeth knows how to capture your attention, and she is a great storyteller."
The Amsterdamian
"Elyzabeth is so great in entertaining and educating a group of people. A must do when you’re around or just a local like me."
"Hands down probably one of the best tours I’ve ever taken."
The Academic Traveller

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Public Group Walking Tour

Jewish History Storytelling Walk

From the Middle Ages through the Industrial Revolution, Europe’s Jews fled pogroms and persecutions to find a safe haven in Amsterdam. Learn about the vibrant community that lived here for centuries before the Holocaust on this two-hour walking tour.

Storytelling Walk Page.

DURATION: 2 hours

Storytelling Walk Page.

COST: 25 euros/person

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