Hidden Gems Tour (Loop)

Walter Suskind Bridge

This Amsterdam historical tour through the Jewish quarter and residential Plantage neighborhood offers a selection of stories about women, BIPOC, LGBTQ+ and Jewish Amsterdammers. It’s the perfect way to get an alternative view of Amsterdam.

Jewish History Tour (Loop)

In 1593, Jewish Amsterdammers began building a community in the relative safety of the city that transformed both the Netherlands and the world. Learn about these creative, compassionate, and challenging mavericks and their lasting impact.

Women’s History Tour (Loop)

Canal Houses

The women who shaped Amsterdam are more complex than traditional tours would have you believe. Go to historic sites Amsterdam to hear stories of women who fought, wrote, calculated and led through Amsterdam’s chaotic and complicated past.

LGBTQ+ History Tour (Loop)

The world’s first gay marriage was officiated by the Mayor of Amsterdam at its City Hall. But did you know that the city’s LGBTQ+ history stretches centuries? Meet historical Amsterdammers across the gender spectrum and sexual orientations.