Badass Women Storytelling Walk

Tour group in Dam Square, Photo by Dana Marin

Badass Tours takes you to special sites in historic Amsterdam to tell stories of individual women who fought, wrote, calculated, and led to chart their course through Amsterdam’s This chaotic and complicated past.

LGBT+ History Storytelling Walk

Outside of the Dixon hotel, the site of the former city theater

When the Netherlands became the first country in the world to legalize gay marriage, four couples were married by the Mayor of Amsterdam. But did you know that the city’s LGBT+ history stretches back to the medieval ages?

Socially Distanced Storytelling Walk

A Tour group on the steps of Royalt Tropical Institute, flanked by the banners "Zorg voor elkaar" and "Take care of each other"

Forget canals and piles – Amsterdam is a city built on stories. Some of its most interesting, though, have been overlooked by history. On this socially distanced tour, we stroll through the spacious Plantage neighborhood and stop to hear the untold stories of Amsterdam’s layered history.